hellas professional cleaning

The cleaning of the office and the regular care of our workplace , does not only concern the hygiene that is required but directly affects both the performance and the image that we create in our customers and partners.

Regular cleaning of offices and business premises for businesses of all sizes and types, throughout the country.

For the regular cleaning of your professional premises, the cleaning company Professional Facility Services  has either individual permanent cleaners or multi-member cleaning crews depending on the requirements, needs and time limits that you determine.

The combination of our experienced and completely tested and reliable staff, with the use of the appropriate detergents, cleaners and machines and always in relation to the most economical prices on the market, ensures the absolute satisfaction of the customer and the long-term cooperation.

Contact immediately μαζί μας και ζητήστε την προσφορά μας για τον καθαρισμό του επαγγελματικού σας χώρου. Μετά από επιτόπια επίσκεψη στους χώρους σας, θα συζητήσουμε μαζί σας τις ανάγκες καθαρισμού των χώρων σας, τα χρονικά περιθώρια που υπάρχουν για καθαριότητα, και θα σας προτείνουμε την optimal cleaning solution that will combine excellent cleaning quality and of course economy.

We are sure that our offer for the regular cleaning of your premises will pleasantly surprise you.

We undertake regular cleaning - care - maintenance cleaning in every professional space: offices, gyms, schools, tutoring, shops, warehouses, etc. γραφεία, γυμναστήρια, schools, φροντιστήρια, καταστήματα, αποθήκες, κλπ.