In dictionaries, the word glass is referred to as "the exterior of a building that is carefully crafted to give a good impression to others". The sign, the windows, the entrance, the glass surfaces small or large.
 These are the first elements, the first indication that the public and the potential partners get, for the quality of the goods and services that they will receive from you, before they even know them.
No one will trust a business with a dirty window and sign, with dusty windows, with messages and graffiti on the windows, with careless exterior surfaces.
There are many factors that afflict the shop window, windows and all exterior surfaces in any professional installation.
Rain is never just water. They carry dust, pollen and exhaust gases that stick to windows and windowsills, creating very strong stains. If these contaminants are not removed in time, then they can cause major damage to the tires of windows, joints, wooden, metal or synthetic frames, shutters, security shutters, everywhere.
Needless to say, repairs to them cost and how big problems can be caused by such damage…
Keeping the windows consistently clean, internally and externally, requires a lot of energy, a lot of time and perhaps special equipment that the company does not have or is not worth investing.
In addition to the required regular cleaning, there may be emergencies and problems due to accidents, disasters, etc., which require specific work.
At Professional Facility Services we guarantee perfect and complete results, because we have the experience, knowledge and equipment required to undertake the cleaning of every glass, every large or small glass surface and windows, every facade of a building.
In a friendly and safe way for your investment, without the use of chemicals and detergents that in the long run alter the surfaces and materials, we wash and clean all the dirt on the windows, frames, sills, signs. There is no point that we cannot reach, there is no detail that we do not edit!
The methodology and the way of application that we use offer longer duration and greater economy!

Contact us at +30 2315 527190 and tell us about your needs. We will come to your place and together we will evaluate the special conditions that may exist (e.g. height, accessibility, etc.) We can undertake from an extraordinary cleaning of windows to regular cleaning on a daily, weekly, monthly or other frequency.