The philosophy of Professional Facility Services is to provide quality services that meet the expectations of its customers. The expression of its philosophy is done by identifying and focusing on the various needs of the customer for which it provides complete solutions.
It has developed a service system in the following areas: Cleaning Services, Management Services and other Technical Services. Along with the partners it has, it has the ability to undertake a number of other services.
In the decades of its presence in the market, Professional Facility Services has become one of the largest service companies in Northern Greece, having collaborated with leading organizations in the Public and Private Sector and with companies from various sectors.
The goal of the company is to consolidate its position in the market of Thessaloniki, as well as in other cities of Greece through participation in tenders. Our main concern is customer satisfaction through the fulfillment of its requirements. In order to achieve this, some key goals of the company must be met, such as:
  • Improving the quality of services provided.
  • Eliminate the possibility of errors that may occur.
  • Constant renewal of the company’s mechanical equipment according to the technological development around the globe.
  • Proper implementation and operation of the Quality Management System required by ISO 9001: 2015
  • The implementation of Greek and International legislation.
  • Staff training according to the latest standards and methods developed in the industry.
Finally, any action that is not in line with the company's policy and deviates from the philosophy and goals that have been set will be stopped and the required corrective actions will be taken.